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Tag Manager Optimality Projects

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Which channels will get the biggest boosts?

There’s a new generation of ad-blocking apps on the market, and it’s bringing with it an increased focus on delivering better results.These apps offer a number of different types of ads, and they all aim to deliver the same message: make sure you’re spending less time on your smartphone.But they differ in their approach to […]

Fox News Channel’s tag manager optimizes definition management for premium content

Fox News’ tag manager has been optimized to optimize definition management, according to Fox News Vice President of Content Matt Vosper.Vosper was speaking at the Media Intelligence Summit in Washington, D.C. to discuss Fox News Digital.According to Vospere, tag managers are used to identify the most important parts of the content, while they also provide […]

‘I’m a human and I know how to take care of myself’: Man on Twitter says he’s a human, but not as smart as other humans

“I’m just a human being,” says a man on Twitter who says he is smart, but “not as smart” as other human beings.The man, whose real name is James B., is an employee of The Washington Times, the online newspaper that he runs with his wife, a freelance journalist.James B. is a self-described “human-powered machine” […]

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