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How to set up your event management software for your event

With the arrival of the new year, many companies are looking to improve their existing software by adding an event management feature.Event management software providers like Eventbrite, Eventbriser, and Eventtracker are offering free, or very cheap, options for developers to create and manage event-tracking software.But the best event-monitoring software for free and cheap is still […]

How to manage your project team and team members with Logistics Management Optimization

Optimizing the project management process can mean a lot of things to different people.This article explains how to manage project teams and team member positions and how to use Logistics Manager for project management.1.Identify the job of the project manager 2.Identifying project team members 3.How to set project team member salaries and incentives.4.How you can […]

When it comes to managing memory, Google may have found a solution for the search giant’s woes

Google is now the latest company to find a way to manage memory on the web.According to a recent post on Google’s internal blog, the company is testing a new memory management feature called Optimization Manager.This feature allows developers to create memory-efficient queries for webpages and apps, according to Google’s blog.The new feature allows users […]

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