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What do you want to know about the future of mobile analytics?

Mobile analytics, a rapidly growing area in the technology world, is the most significant area of growth for tech companies, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.Analytics have become increasingly valuable in the years since Apple launched the iPhone and iPad, according a report from the McKinsey Global Institute.Now, the McKinseys report says mobile analytics are […]

Windows 10 ‘Wake on LAN’ is now a part of ‘Wakes’ utility

Now that the new Windows 10 operating system has officially been released, you may be wondering where to start with Windows 10 “wake on LAN” features.While you’re certainly not going to have to use the built-in feature, the new feature will now be available in the “Wakes” utility.This is because the new version of Windows […]

5 things to know about Google’s new cloud-based cloud strategy

What’s next for Google?Google announced last week that it will be using the cloud to improve its mobile and web businesses, but its future in that area remains uncertain.As the company grapples with its cloud problems, we take a look at five things to watch for next.1.Google plans to deploy 1.8 billion cloud computing resources […]

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