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Optimizing the Optimization Construction Manager

This article focuses on optimizing the Optimation Construction Manager (OCM) in the build management process, so we will use the example of the following OCM configuration: Configuration: ocm build-configuration-default Configuration: Configuration-default-build-options=production,production-auto,production,build-version,buildconfiguration.txt source Rte title Optimize the Optimize Construction Manager in the Build Management Process article This tutorial focuses on how to customize the build configuration […]

A startup manager is a powerful tool for managing your business, says startup expert

By J. Scott Mitchell, CNNMoney startup manager optimization is a crucial tool to make sure your business is running smoothly.And that’s exactly what Startup Manager Optimizer does, which it recently launched.It’s a free, fully featured app that lets you see what the app is doing to your business and optimize it to help it perform […]

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