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Why I am not going to use Microsoft Word 2019

My favorite word processor has been getting old, and it’s time to upgrade.Microsoft Office 2019 has grown in popularity, and for many people, that has meant the need to replace the current software.This article will tell you why I do not recommend Office 2019 for my Microsoft Word 2007 or 2008.I think you’ll agree that […]

How to use the ‘smart’ money in your portfolio

You might think investing with a personal financial adviser is the next logical step.But the best way to maximise your return from your investments is to get professional advice, says Tony Chisholm, director of corporate finance at A&M Investments.But how do you get the best advice?We’ve compiled a list of the best personal finance products […]

What we know about the B.C. Liberals’ anti-terror bill and what we don’t know

The B.M. Liberals have promised to create an anti-terrorism task force, and have already announced a new task force.But the Liberals haven’t made it public, and haven’t released a detailed plan for what it will look like.We’ve asked for the government to release a summary of its plan.But so far, it hasn’t.The government’s proposed anti-terrorist […]

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