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Optimizing the Optimization Construction Manager

This article focuses on optimizing the Optimation Construction Manager (OCM) in the build management process, so we will use the example of the following OCM configuration: Configuration: ocm build-configuration-default Configuration: Configuration-default-build-options=production,production-auto,production,build-version,buildconfiguration.txt source Rte title Optimize the Optimize Construction Manager in the Build Management Process article This tutorial focuses on how to customize the build configuration […]

Google AdWords is ‘going to go’ after a long battle with adblocker – Bloomberg

Google is going to go.That’s the conclusion of a recent report by market research firm Zillow, which found that Google’s ad-selling platform is “nowhere near the performance it once was”.Adblocker-blocking software is now the second-largest contributor to Google’s revenue after Google’s own search advertising.The reason for the slowdown in ad revenue growth, according to Zillows […]

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