The next step for Ford to regain market share in U.S. and Canada

The next steps for Ford in the U.K. and the U,C.

are also a step toward a takeover of the automaker, but it’s unclear how many.

“The market is still very fragmented,” said Adam Green, an analyst at J.P. Morgan.

“It’s a very difficult sell in the United Kingdom and Canada.

We think Ford will be in a position to get back into those markets.

They’re the ones with the best growth potential.”

Ford is also trying to convince consumers to buy its newer pickup trucks, SUVs and light trucks in the coming years.

Ford said last month it would start rolling out the first model of the 2017 F-150 pickup truck in Canada.

The company’s shares fell $6.65, or 3.5%, to $57.19 in after-hours trading.

Ford stock has fallen more than 12% since its April 23 record high.

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