How optimism management is killing the Trump presidency

With the midterm elections just a few months away, optimism management (AM) is now being used as a political weapon to destroy President Donald Trump.

As part of the election season, the liberal media has been pumping out articles bashing Trump and attacking his policies.

The media’s efforts to blame Trump’s election on a conspiracy theory are in part a way of making the left look bad for its election meddling.

In the article titled “Trump’s Electoral College win was not rigged: Experts,” for instance, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote, “Trump was not actually elected by the American people, but rather by an organized, professional, and heavily financed conspiracy against him.

The election is being called by some a ‘conspiracy’ by the media and many Democrats, even as the polls show that Trump won by more than 2 million votes, and more than 99 percent of the vote.”

The article went on to argue that Trump would be “unstoppable” if his opponent were “a real politician,” which Milbank defines as a “Republican who doesn’t care about the welfare of working people, or the safety of the American economy, or American jobs, or even their own safety.

The goal is to destroy Trump, and to make it look like he’s not actually the president.”

The liberal media’s attempts to attack Trump are nothing new.

It has been the liberal establishment’s attack dog on every Republican president since George W. Bush.

In fact, Trump has been using the same tactics for years.

In a recent CNN interview, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called President Trump’s “rhetoric” on the election a “conspiracy theory.”

O’Reilly even suggested that the “conspiracies” against Trump were part of a “puppet master plot” by “deep state” officials.

The “conspicuous absence of any evidence” from those officials is what is making liberals and Democrats want to blame the election results on conspiracy.

The media has also attacked Trump’s business dealings.

In August, the New York Times ran a story titled “Donald Trump is a scam artist,” arguing that Trump “is a con artist” who is “in danger of becoming a con man,” adding that the real estate mogul’s business is “a rip-off of his father.”

The piece also claimed that Trump’s personal business has “sabotaged the nation,” and that Trump is “trying to rip up the Republican Party” by hiring “a billionaire to lead the party.”

The Times article went further, suggesting that Trump was trying to “destroy the Republican party” by getting “his father, who once ran for president, to run for president himself,” which the paper called a “threat to the Republican establishment.”

The paper even went so far as to say that “there is no doubt that Trump, in trying to make himself President Trump, is going after the GOP establishment in a way that his father never would have contemplated.”

In other words, the media has become increasingly critical of Trump for his business dealings, but are not calling out the media for its attacks on Trump.

It is the left that is trying to destroy the president with this type of propaganda.

This isn’t the first time the media is trying their hand at pushing the liberal narrative about Trump.

In July, CNN’s Jake Tapper took aim at President Trump for “taunting” the media by asking, “Have you noticed the media doesn’t want you to be president anymore?

They’ve been trying to undermine you since before you were born.”

Tapper also claimed Trump’s tweets were “the single greatest threat to democracy” because they “threaten democracy itself.”

The CNN piece also stated that “Trump is trying … to take over the Republican Congress and the Republican Senate and that is a danger to democracy itself, a threat to the Constitution, to the way things work, to democracy’s core.”

This isn, of course, a perfect example of the media trying to use Trump’s presidency to their own political ends.

In April, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs called Trump “an idiot,” and he even accused him of being “totally delusional.”

The network even attempted to blame a “lone gunman” for the shooting at the GOP Congressional Baseball Game in Alexandria, Virginia, that left five dead.

Trump responded by calling Dobbs “disgusting” and “a liar,” adding, “It was a terrible day.”

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