When Trump won, Democrats had an easy job: Get rid of him

The Democrats, who are facing a brutal reelection race, will need to find a way to take back the House and possibly Senate before Trump’s presidency is over.

If they’re going to avoid the kind of deep and destructive divisions they saw last year, they need to win back the White House.

Democrats, however, have been under enormous pressure to find new ways to turn around the Trump presidency.

Trump’s approval ratings have plummeted, his approval ratings are in freefall and Republicans control both houses of Congress.

The party has spent the past week looking for new ways for them to appeal to a new generation of voters who may be upset with the president and want change.

Democrats are hoping that the election will allow them to finally put that strategy to work.

A group of Democratic strategists and operatives are planning to begin putting together a campaign to win over the new electorate.

The group is working on a series of online advertising campaigns to try to convince voters that Democrats have the solutions to fixing their party’s problems.

One of the strategies they are planning is using Trump’s infamous tweetstorm against the press.

The strategy is based on a theory that many Americans are tired of being told what to think by the press, and are ready to give them a chance.

The strategy would focus on attacking reporters for their political biases, while highlighting the president’s statements about the press and how they have distorted what he said during his campaign.

“It’s the president who has said that the media is out to get him and is trying to get everybody to think the press is out for ratings,” said one Democratic strategist who requested anonymity to speak candidly.

A similar strategy is being used by the Democrats to woo Latino voters, many of whom are upset with Trump.

The campaign is running a TV ad that includes a quote from former President Barack Obama that is being taken to heart by some Latino voters.

The goal is to win the support of Latino voters and convince them that the Democrats are serious about changing the country.

In a letter sent to Senate Democrats on Monday, the party’s senior communications director, Adam Jentleson, said that while Republicans control the Senate and House, the Democrats can win back both chambers if they are careful.

“The only way that we will ever be able to do that is if we win back control of the Senate,” he wrote.

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