Apple: Intel’s ‘Tiger Motherboard’ for chip optimization

Apple will launch a chip optimization tool to help chip manufacturers optimize their chips for efficiency, according to an article published on Recode.

The chip optimization suite, dubbed “Tiger,” is being developed by Intel.

According to the article, Intel will be testing and selling the product at a later date, with the goal of bringing chip optimization into a “real-world” environment.

Tiger will be available in the Apple ecosystem later this year.

The article does not say if it will also work with other Intel chips.

Tailor-made chipsets are a growing trend, and Apple is a leader in the field.

The chip industry’s focus has been on making its processors more energy efficient over time.

Intel is one of the few companies that has actually made a chip specifically optimized for efficiency.

Intel has made a lot of strides in the last decade to improve the chip market, but the chip optimization market is still relatively small.

The industry is estimated to be worth $1.4 trillion.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been critical of chip optimization for years.

Apple recently released its first chip optimization software in 2020, but it has been a slow process.

The company said in December that its chip optimization efforts are in its third year, and it has not yet released any of its products.

Apple’s decision to use Tiger will allow it to leverage its chip expertise to create chips that are energy efficient, the company said.

Intel’s chip optimization tools can be found in Apple’s own toolbox, called Intel Optimize, and the company has made improvements to them.

The tool will help chip makers and chip manufacturers alike improve the efficiency of their products, according the article.

Intel will make a few enhancements to the tool in 2018, the article says, adding that the company plans to bring the tool to other chip vendors.

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