The next big thing in content management tools: OptimizeIt management

Optimizeit manager will be available in Google’s Play Store this week.

The app has a number of useful features for content management, including the ability to manage content in a unified way across multiple devices and platforms.

Its best feature is the ability for users to create and manage their own custom content templates.

It can also automatically detect the content type and allow for sharing the content with others, making it a powerful tool for content owners.

The software is free and will soon be available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

The company has also launched a free version for Windows Phone, allowing users to quickly and easily share content across all platforms.

Read moreRead next: Google+: 10 ways to keep your conversations with your friends, family, and coworkers in styleThe app is also available in the App Store, which has a new set of features to help you create, share, and manage your content.

The new feature is called the “Content Editor,” which allows you to edit and manage content from your mobile device or computer.

In the app, you can also create a new template that you can share with others or view all the available templates.

For the most part, the new feature looks like it will work as advertised, with the new “Editor” tab allowing you to customize and change the appearance of the editor.

The other tabs allow you to access various features like group and personal content, search, and more.

There are a number other features that the app offers, including a feature to help users create and share their own content templates, an automatic content discovery feature, and a new ability to search content.

As the company explains in the Google Play store description, the “Editor,” “Editor’s Screen,” and “New Template” tabs allow for users “to easily edit and share content and content types, as well as customize their content creation experience.”

The feature also lets you add a new user and see all the content they have created and shared.

You can sign up to the beta for the app by going to Optimize It Manager on Google Play.

There you can find more details on how to sign up, including instructions on how users can share content, create a template, and configure settings.

The free version of the app is available for $9.99.

The Google Play Store version, priced at $14.99, also includes an unlimited number of templates.

The paid version will also include a template creator, which allows users to “use a template to add content to any page on the website.”

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