Optimizing the Optimization Construction Manager

This article focuses on optimizing the Optimation Construction Manager (OCM) in the build management process, so we will use the example of the following OCM configuration: Configuration: ocm build-configuration-default Configuration: Configuration-default-build-options=production,production-auto,production,build-version,buildconfiguration.txt source Rte title Optimize the Optimize Construction Manager in the Build Management Process article This tutorial focuses on how to customize the build configuration to optimize the Optimizer Construction Manager.

We will first configure the OCM build configuration.

First, we will create a new build configuration for the OCCM project: Configuration:\oscMbuild-config-default\oscm\build-Configurations\buildconfigurations.txt.

We’ll then edit the buildconfiguration section, which contains the Ocm build configuration, and specify the following settings: Configuration\osCmbuild-buildconfig-configs\build\buildoptions.txt This will make the build configurations section editable, and will also set the build config section to: BuildOptions.txt Configuration: BuildConfigurations.text Configuration: Configurations.source Rte source RTe title Configure the Optimized Build Configuration in the Optimizers Build Management System article This is the final configuration for OCM.

We can edit the BuildConfiguration section to change the build options, and then save the configuration.

Configuring the Build Configurations section in the OCLM project We can now add the following new buildconfigurations: Configuration\\osCmsbuild-install-buildoptions\buildConfigurations \osCmibuild-setup-buildOptions.xml Configuration: Configuration\\osMbuildbuild-preconfigure-buildConfigs\configurationConfigurations

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