When Is My Optima Worth?

When Is MY Optima worth?

The Optima is a luxury car that is not a luxury vehicle.

It is a high-end car.

It has a top speed of over 140mph, but you are not going to go into an airport and drive a hundred miles in the desert to see it.

There are other high-value cars out there.

And it has an interesting feature.

You can actually park it on your driveway and drive it around the neighborhood.

The car also has a lot of tech and it has this sort of thing where you can connect to your phone and it will give you the most detailed view of your neighborhood and what people are doing in the neighborhood and the weather.

You’re not going out and looking for people to hang out with.

You don’t want to get into an argument with someone in the middle of the street.

It’s really designed to do that sort of stuff.

That is, you can look out the window and see the street lights and see what people’re doing, but that’s really the only way to see what the traffic is like and to know what’s happening in the surrounding area.

It does this kind of thing that makes the car really attractive.

So I bought the Optima, I bought it for $40,000.

The price tag was $48,000, so I had the option to buy a car for the same price.

The only reason I did it was because I thought the Optimas were going to be the cheapest cars out right now.

I figured I could get a good deal on it for a low price.

It had been on sale for four months at $48k and was selling for $53,000 at the time.

So that was the reason why I went out and bought the car, which was really the last piece of the puzzle.

So, the Optimalis is a car that I really want to own.

But I am still trying to figure out whether I can really afford it.

I’m still trying the best I can to figure that out.

You might not even know that it’s there until you get to the point where you’re buying a car.

So there’s definitely a learning curve to owning a luxury automobile.

The Optimis is built on a brand new platform, so it’s got all these new technologies that you’ve never seen before.

It was designed with all of these technologies and features that you wouldn’t expect to see in an automotive car, but the first thing that I noticed about it was how much power it had.

The engine is a 6.2-liter V8.

I have never seen a V8 that big.

It can do a lot more than a 6-liter turbo engine.

It also has electric motor control that allows it to accelerate and brake at much higher speeds.

You are going to feel that power, but at the same time, you’re also going to get a lot less of that when you drive it, because you’re not driving it.

The whole car is electrified and it also has the capability to be fully electric in case you ever get an electric car.

There is no gas pedal.

There’s no brake pedal.

And the engine is rated for up to 5,000 miles of range on the highway.

That’s a lot longer than a standard car, so that’s a big deal.

You’ll be able to get out and drive from point A to point B, and you can drive anywhere from one hour to a day.

That makes it a very good car for people who like to drive a lot.

But for the first year or two you’re going to want to stick to the highway and get the most mileage.

So you’re probably going to have to drive it a little bit to get the full benefits of the car.

But you’ll be surprised at how much it does for you.

You have a lot to think about.

The best part about owning an Optima?

You’re only going to pay a $1,200 deposit upfront, which is very good for a new car.

And you’re getting to enjoy all the benefits of owning a car like you would with any other luxury car.

You get all of the features that are standard on a car in an ultra-luxury car.

That can include the air conditioning, the brakes, the suspension, the headlights, the front and rearview mirrors, the sunroof, and all the safety systems.

You also get an all-wheel drive system, a very capable automatic transmission, the new Autopilot system, the adaptive cruise control, and the adaptive parking assist.

I was really excited when I got my Optima.

It really is a great vehicle.

But when you’re considering buying a luxury or supercar, you want to be aware that it may not be as affordable as you think.

I think it’s going to cost you more than $50,000 to get your first one.

It might cost you less than $60,000 or

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