Optima managed health care software company aims to save $250M in 2021

Optima is a health care optimization software company that has been valued at $250 million by analysts at $1,000 a share.

The company is aiming to be worth $2 billion in 2021, a valuation it believes is still competitive with the likes of Anthem, WellPoint and other big-name providers.

It is a significant accomplishment given the relative paucity of software-based health care strategies and the increasing reliance on technology to manage health care spending.

The goal of the company is to help hospitals and healthcare companies optimize their patient and facility performance by offering advanced analytics that improve care delivery, efficiency and outcomes.

The stock has gained nearly 15% this year, with its latest price target of $1.70 a share (up by $0.07).

The company’s CEO, Mark McDonough, recently announced that the company would be going public, making it the largest healthcare company in the U.S. to do so.

The healthcare market is dominated by two main players: health care companies that manage their own hospitals and hospitals that manage hospitals.

Optima, which has offices in New York and San Francisco, is a new, privately held company.

It is led by McDonachys brother and co-founder Jason, who previously worked at Cigna and American Express.

“We have a great team of great people and the strategy we’re trying to achieve is very simple,” McDona said at a recent investor day.

“The key is to focus on the things that are going to drive growth, and not focus on everything else.

We’re trying not to do anything that doesn’t have a real impact on the health care industry.”

Opta’s software, which is designed to work in a hybrid environment with a single hospital, will offer the ability to track and analyze a patient’s health status, location, activity level, medication and other factors.

The technology, called HealthAnalytics, was developed by the company’s software engineers and designed to track the health status of a patient from a range of different sensors and other data sources, according to the company.

It will also offer other features to improve patient care, including analytics, management and collaboration tools, which can be used to monitor and improve patient outcomes.

McDonough and his team also hope to leverage the technology to offer a “health management app,” which is a digital application that allows patients to sign up to receive notifications on certain health status and activities.

Opta also aims to build a “premium” version of its software to enable more sophisticated analytics that would allow hospitals and other healthcare companies to track patients and events as they happen.

That could potentially help hospitals better manage patient and event data and better anticipate when certain types of patients and other events will occur.

In a presentation at the company week, McDonah outlined a number of the products the company plans to launch, including a HealthAnalysts Premium software product and the HealthAnalyzes Premium mobile app.

“As we continue to develop this product and as we continue developing other services, we expect to make further progress on the Premium product,” he said.

“We will have the Premium app available to all Opta customers, and we expect this to be a top priority.”

Optanas management software will work in both a traditional health care environment and in an evolving online environment, according the company, which will be based in New Orleans, La.

The plan is to launch a mobile application that will allow the company to track events from a variety of different sources and integrate them into its data, according a company release.

The product will also allow Opta to improve its business by offering analytics on patient and patient activity, and provide a unified health and wellness experience.

The software is not the only software that the McDonais are building.

Optanal has an eye on developing software that could help the healthcare industry better understand and manage health data.

Mcdonachys vision is to make the healthcare business a smarter, more personalized one, said McDono.

He said that’s not just about being able to figure out the right treatments, but being able do what you do well.

Optima also has an interest in the emerging field of “big data,” or data analytics, that uses machine learning and other technology to help businesses manage their information more effectively.

McDONACHYS BUSINESS AT AN ESSENTIAL SPOT In addition to managing Opta, Mcdonough is also managing an existing company, Opta Inc. He oversees the company that makes Opta software and other products.

McDONA’S FUTURE In recent years, the healthcare sector has become increasingly complex and expensive to manage.

As a result, it is difficult for the healthcare providers to spend as much time on the patients they serve and on their patients.

Optum Health, a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare management services to low-income and underserved populations, is looking to focus its

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