Uber says it’s in talks with Microsoft to create an autonomous car service

The UberX and UberX Plus car services have become synonymous with the modern car, with the self-driving technology being adopted in the US and Europe, where UberX is available.

But in an interview with Reuters, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said he has a lot of confidence in the technology.

“If we’re not at the top of the pyramid, I don’t think we’ll be able to compete on this,” Kalanicks said.

The interview comes just a day after a report in The Wall Street Journal suggested Uber has reached an agreement with Microsoft in a potential deal for a ride-hailing service.

The deal would likely require the company to take over Lyft’s autonomous car business, as well as the company’s other existing business, UberX.

The report said Uber had agreed to pay Microsoft $250m for its autonomous technology, but declined to say how much Uber would be paying.

The Uber executive confirmed to Reuters that the deal was on the table, and said the companies were still working on it.

Kalanickers, who joined Uber in 2014, said he was confident the company would be able get its own self-drive vehicles to the market.

He also said he believed the car companies would be better off with autonomous driving, rather than owning a fleet of cars that would eventually be absorbed by other firms.

Uber has been a dominant force in the ride-sharing industry since its introduction in 2009.

In 2017, the company earned $2.3bn in revenue, with drivers earning an average of $70,000.

The company said it had sold more than 500,000 cars since the beginning of 2017, and was still growing at a pace of 30,000 vehicles a day.

Uber currently operates more than 2,600 self-driven cars in more than 30 cities across the US.

Kalani’s remarks follow another recent announcement from Uber CEO Patrick Pichette.

The CEO said in January that Uber is “actively pursuing partnerships” with companies that could “create the next generation of driverless vehicles”.

Uber is also considering offering its own fleet of autonomous vehicles.

In the interview, Kalanack said he would be “really excited” if the company were to make that happen.

Uber’s Autopilot feature, which is designed to make the cars act autonomously, was introduced with the launch of the Uber X in 2016.

The feature is intended to improve safety in low-speed situations such as traffic jams.

Kalanos comments come amid growing interest in autonomous vehicles, with Tesla announcing last month it would be building a fleet and self-flying vehicles.

Tesla has said it will start taking orders in October, with a planned debut date of the first Tesla Autopener in 2019.

Tesla said it is looking to partner with other automakers in the near future.

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