Fox News Channel’s tag manager optimizes definition management for premium content

Fox News’ tag manager has been optimized to optimize definition management, according to Fox News Vice President of Content Matt Vosper.

Vosper was speaking at the Media Intelligence Summit in Washington, D.C. to discuss Fox News Digital.

According to Vospere, tag managers are used to identify the most important parts of the content, while they also provide a visual feedback loop for the definition of that content.

Vozer said tag managers can provide a variety of insights, including:Thematic information that’s used to define the content; the content tags that are being used to create it; and the search engine rankings.

“The tagging is part of the value proposition,” he said.

“Tag managers can help define what the content is, how that value proposition is going to be defined, how to create value for the user.

They also help define how those users are going to find the content.”

In addition to providing visual feedback, tag manager optimization is one of the reasons Fox News, which has a total of 25 million subscribers, is on track to be the top-rated cable network in the U.S. by total audience and advertising revenue this year, according in Fox News Chief Executive Roger Ailes.

Fox News was ranked #1 by Nielsen last year, with more than 3.5 million total viewers and 5.1 million ad-supported viewers, according Nielsen.

Volsper said the goal of the tag manager is to “create a visual experience that will help people discover and consume content,” including through a search engine.

He said Fox News Tag Manager has been upgraded to version 2.0, which includes new features and improvements.

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