Google+’s ‘optimized’ profile image is too large

A new photo feature in Google+ that optimizes a profile image on mobile devices could make the social network more appealing to marketers, according to the Wall Street Review.

Google+ has long been criticized for its high profile photo and profile image quality, and the review says that while the quality of images is always improving, this is not enough to justify the additional effort.

Google says it’s currently in the process of making the image smaller and smaller, but it’s not clear if this will help advertisers, since they will have to make a different decision when they choose to display the image on their sites.

A user can change the size of the image by tapping on a button, and it’s also possible to customize the image to display on different devices.

The image size should remain consistent across all devices.

A Google+ spokesperson told The Verge that Google+ will continue to work to improve image quality.

“Google+ has always been a place for people to connect and share with friends and family, and today’s photo features will help give people the opportunity to better express themselves,” a Google+ spokesman told The Edge.

“As a company, we are constantly improving our products to make it even easier for people who are looking for a new way to connect with others and share ideas.

We are always looking for new ways to help people express themselves, and we’re excited to see how users react to this new feature.”

Google+ users will be able to customize their profile image, and users can upload their own images that they think would be a good fit for their profile.

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