Microsoft optimizes Outlook for Office 365

Microsoft optimizer for Outlook, a collaboration tool, now comes with an optimization mode that allows the tool to analyze the files in a document and automatically format them into PDF files.

Microsoft’s new Office Optimizer for Office365, or OOO, allows the application to perform various optimization tasks on a document in real-time to ensure that each file is optimized for speed and productivity.

The OOO program will start working with Office 365 on February 15, according to a Microsoft spokesperson. 

The feature was first announced last year, and the program has been available for Office Online and Outlook Online for several months.

Microsoft released Office OOO on June 4, and Microsoft added a few additional features for Office and Office Online for Microsoft 365 on July 17.

Microsoft has been actively working on Office 365’s Office Optimization program for some time now. 

With the addition of the OOO Optimizer, Microsoft has made Office 365 a more seamless, streamlined, and easy-to-use collaboration tool for Microsoft Office 365 customers.

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