How To Fix a Bad Job Newsfeed

In an effort to improve the newsfeed, IGN is asking you to fix your own job newsfeed.

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With that in mind, we’re launching a new job newsreader called Optimism Management.

The site, which launched today, features news articles that highlight how you can improve your job and your career.

You can choose to receive positive news and negative news stories, or a combination of the two.

You’ll also get recommendations for how to make your career more productive.

For those who’ve already been working on a new project, Optimism will help you set up the content, with advice on how to improve it and the process of building it.

You should be able to add or remove content as you work on your project, and if you want, you can also upload your content to the site for others to read.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play, or head to to sign up.

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