Google AdWords is ‘going to go’ after a long battle with adblocker – Bloomberg

Google is going to go.

That’s the conclusion of a recent report by market research firm Zillow, which found that Google’s ad-selling platform is “nowhere near the performance it once was”.

Adblocker-blocking software is now the second-largest contributor to Google’s revenue after Google’s own search advertising.

The reason for the slowdown in ad revenue growth, according to Zillows report, is the “decoupling” of ad revenue from the search results page.

“Adblocker adoption is slowing as people stop using it,” Zillower writes.

“The majority of Google searches for ads still require users to visit the search engine’s ad services.

It’s no longer a matter of ‘do I need an ad blocker to get this site done?’

But now, ‘do you want to use Google ads?'”

Advertisers are also increasingly switching to other search engines.

“This is the time for search to grow and expand,” said Zillowitz.

“Google will need to be even more aggressive in its use of ad technology and ad-blocking tools.”

Adblockers, which use a variety of technologies to block websites from displaying ads, are the second biggest contributor to the company’s revenues.

Zillowed said that more than 85% of Google’s overall revenue is derived from the ad services it provides.

Advertiser demand is “going to get better,” Zellow said, and that will drive more ad sales from Google.

Google’s move into the ad-blocker market has been the subject of debate, and the company has repeatedly argued that its ad-buying platform is not a “pay to play” system, which means it doesn’t require users pay to see ads.

It has also argued that it is not responsible for ad-spam or other adware.

In a blog post published on Wednesday, Google said it had seen a decline in ad-sales from Adblock Plus, a tool that enables users to block ads.

“As you can see, AdblockPlus is not offering the best value for money for Google,” Google wrote.

“Our ad buying platform is also not a pay-to-play system.

We’ve made it clear that we do not accept any advertising in Google.

Our commitment to privacy is strong.”

Google has not announced any plans to change its ad blocking strategy, but has previously hinted at plans to address the ad blockers.

The search giant said last year that it would continue to support the adblockers that have been in place since 2013, and it would “continue to make improvements to the system”.

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