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Next Big Futures is a leading blockchain and digital asset management platform that provides a full suite of services including asset management, ICO, and cryptocurrency trading, including trading for cryptocurrency on a decentralised blockchain platform.

The platform’s technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it is currently running a successful ICO, which saw the platform’s ICO funding amount to over $5.3 million.

The company recently announced a new ICO that aims to raise $10 million and aims to build a blockchain asset management network.

The new fund is set to be used to develop a smart contracts platform to manage the sale of blockchain assets and will allow a buyer to take control of the tokens and convert them into fiat.

The new fund will be used by a small number of accredited investors who will have access to the Ethereum network and can access the Ethereum trading platform.

A token sale is scheduled to take place in late 2017, and investors can sign up for the token sale through the Next Big Fund website.

“The Next Big fund aims to be the platform for investors and ICOs to invest in blockchain tokens and cryptocurrency assets,” Next Big CEO and co-founder David Burd says.

“Our token sale aims to help fund the infrastructure needed to build the blockchain assets network, enabling people to participate in the growing blockchain economy, which is growing rapidly.”

The fund is the second to launch on the Next Bad Future platform.

This one aims to offer a new way to manage cryptocurrency assets through the platform.

Next Bad Futures was founded in 2018 by David Boulton and David McRae and has already raised $20 million.

In 2017, the company released its first ICO.

Next Big is planning on launching a token sale in 2018, and has secured a number of token investors, including investors from major technology companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and IBM.

Next Big’s founders believe that blockchain assets will be a crucial part of the economy in the near future.

“Blockchain is the backbone of our economy,” Boulter said.

“If we can develop this infrastructure, then we will have a better chance of creating a more inclusive and equitable economy, where we can have more inclusive, sustainable and secure economic outcomes for everyone.”

For more information about the Next BIG token sale, visit Next Big.

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