Optima: Optimizing Case Management for All Types of Diseases

Optimizing the Case Management of patients with multiple diseases and illnesses has become increasingly difficult.

However, there is a new and revolutionary way of optimizing the process by which these cases can be managed by one single person.

The Optima platform is an online resource for healthcare professionals to use to create personalized case management tools, enabling the creation of personalized case lists.

Optima is an innovative online resource that uses data from patient tracking sites to analyze data from healthcare practitioners to create customized case management platforms.

This data is then used to create a customized case list that can be used by the healthcare practitioner in conjunction with other tools, such as the patient tracking platform.

Optimal Case Management For All Types Of Diseases The Optimal case management platform uses patient tracking data and patient case management databases to analyze the patients cases in order to create tailored case management templates that can assist in identifying patients at risk for multiple diseases or illnesses.

These customized case lists are then integrated into a customized patient management plan that can help manage the patients case management by focusing on specific areas of focus.

Optimizing Case management in a single person with one custom case management template enables healthcare professionals who are not specialists to perform the most effective case management on a large scale.

Optimizing case manager is an exciting new approach to case management, enabling healthcare professionals and clinicians to use the Optima framework to effectively manage patients with several different diseases and conditions.

This platform allows for the use of case management plans that are customized to a patient’s needs based on a patient tracking database and a personalized case list.

The customized caselists and case management plan can be applied to patients from multiple different healthcare fields, such a healthcare practitioner, doctor, pharmacist, nurse, and more.

Optimal Case Manager enables the creation and implementation of customized case manager templates that are tailored to a client’s needs and can be utilized in conjunction to develop personalized caselists, case management programs, and case control programs that can improve patient outcomes.

Optima was developed by the Optimum team at the University of Florida and is currently being used by healthcare practitioners and healthcare professionals in the healthcare field.

For more information about the Optimal platform, please visit the Optimima website at www.optima.com.

Follow Optima on Twitter at @OptimaApp and on Facebook at www/facebook.com/Optima.

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