How to get more clicks from your ads

The latest buzz in search marketing involves ad tech that makes it possible to get the right clicks on the right ads.

Here’s how.

article By now, most of us have heard about the AdSense for search platform, or AdSense.

This software provides an ad network for companies to monetize search results on Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and others.

In some cases, it is also used to monetise the search results of others.

AdSense can be used to target ads to specific keywords, or to show a snippet of a website to people that can then click on it.

Advertisers pay an ad-related fee to get their ads displayed in these ad networks.

As a result, advertisers can get a cut of the revenue generated by their targeted ads.

In the past, however, the fees paid by advertisers in these networks have been relatively small.

It was only a few years ago that Google launched its AdSense network for Google searches.

In that time, the price of AdSense has increased, and it has become a mainstay for search advertising.

Ad-related fees are still a very small part of Google search advertising revenue, however.

The reason for this is that Google is now using this ad network to help it generate revenue for its advertising partners.

Google has a large number of partners who use Google’s AdSense platform to monetized search results.

These partners earn revenues from Google’s partners who buy the advertising rights from Google for Google Search.

Google uses these revenues to make money for itself.

As such, Google’s ad revenue has become an important component of the company’s bottom line.

In fact, the Ad-Related-Fees revenue for Google’s ads in 2013 was $18.5 billion, and Google earned $1.6 billion in ad revenue in 2014.

The AdSense Ad-Marketplace The Ad-Based-Fee network is not the only way advertisers are monetizing search results and advertising revenue.

Google also uses a similar Ad-Supported-Platform (Ad-Mapping) for the search ads on the web.

This ad-based network, which is similar to AdSense, is available to a wide range of advertisers.

Google sells its Ad-Mapped ads to these advertisers through a third-party provider.

Google’s advertisers pay the third-parties to provide the ad network with their own ad inventory.

This inventory is then sent to the AdMapped advertisers via the AdWords Ad-Share Network.

Google advertises to advertisers through this Ad-Shared network as well, which allows advertisers to get paid from Google to advertise on their own sites.

AdMob AdMob is a large, global ad network, with over 100 million advertisers on its network.

In 2014, AdMob earned $4.9 billion in revenue, and AdMob paid a total of $1 billion to advertisers.

AdBlock AdBlock is an ad blocking app.

The company’s ad network is similar in concept to Adsense, AdSense and AdMapping.

But AdBlock differs in that it uses a third party platform to create ad inventory for its advertisers.

The network does not charge advertisers to display ads on its platform, but it does charge them for a specific amount of ad space that is allocated to advertisers based on the size of their networks.

The amount of space is called AdAds and is based on ad-spending data.

The more AdAd space that an advertiser has on the AdBlock network, the more money they can earn from advertisers on their ads.

The ad-blockers are able to sell AdAd inventory through AdMob to advertisers who pay the AdMob providers for AdAdspace.

The revenue that AdMob pays to advertisers on AdAdspence is referred to as AdAd revenues.

AdPads AdPasses is a third parties ad placement tool.

Adpads is different from AdSense in that its Advertiser network is independent of AdMob.

Adpanz Adpanzes is a tool that advertisers use to place ads in search results, or on websites.

It has a separate AdSense ad network.

AdPanz advertises on its own network, but allows advertisers with AdPains to also display their ads on other websites.

The difference between Adpanzers and AdPas is that AdPass is used to generate revenue from advertisers, whereas AdPasse is used for content.

Google is not alone in using AdPases to monetization AdSense networks.

Yahoo, for example, uses AdPase for search ads, but is not a part of AdPays network.

As of January 2018, Yahoo AdPates AdSense revenue was $11.6 million, and Yahoo paid $4 billion to AdPayers.

AdGain AdGains is a search optimization tool that allows advertisers, including Google, to target their ads to people based on a set of criteria, such as gender, age, location, language, interests and more.

Adgains revenue is based solely on Ad

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