When the power is out and the heat is on, why should we have any more solar power?

The Israeli solar industry is a small, small thing compared to the U.S. solar industry, which employs tens of thousands of people and generates $150 billion a year in revenue.

But Israel is also home to the largest solar park in the world.

Israel’s Ein Karem Solar Park is located in an area with no natural power and relies on a combination of large-scale solar farms and battery storage.

The Ein Kerem Solar Power Station, a 50-megawatt, 240-megafactory solar project in the desert, will produce enough electricity to power about 7,000 homes, according to Israeli news site Haaretz.

Ein Kanon solar farm in southern Israel.

(Shimon Peres/Israel Solar Power)Ein Kareem solar park and battery factory.

EIN KEREM solar power plant.

(Haaretz)Solar power can also be produced from existing hydroelectric dams and hydropower projects, which could be cheaper and more efficient than solar power plants.

Israel is already working on a plan to build solar power stations at the mouth of the Dead Sea, an area that’s known for its salt marshes.

In addition to the Ein Karaem solar power station, Israel is developing solar power projects in the Jordan Valley, a salt marshed region where Israeli fishermen are able to fish at higher tide.

The Dead Sea is a popular fishing spot for Israel because the water is shallow, shallow enough for small fish to spawn.

Israel has also set up solar farms to supply electricity to Gaza.

The Israeli government estimates that more than 500,000 Israeli households are currently connected to the electricity grid through solar power.

According to a 2014 report by the Israeli Energy Ministry, the electricity generated by solar energy in Israel was nearly 40% higher than the electricity produced by coal and more than 40% more than the output from hydropowers.

In the United States, solar power has grown rapidly in recent years, and in 2015, the solar industry generated $11 billion in revenue, according the Solar Foundation.

The number of American households connected to solar power in 2017 was around 12 million, according a report by EIA.

Solar power can power nearly 30 million homes in the U., according to EIA, and about 5 million of those are in the United Kingdom, according an analysis by the American Energy Alliance.

According the EIA report, in 2020, solar capacity will reach 5.5 GW and solar power will account for 9% of the U’s energy needs, about a third of which will be met from fossil fuels.

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