Fox Sports 1: What’s the latest on the NFL season?

On Thursday, the NFL Network released its 2017 season schedule, which included three preseason games, and the NFL released its preseason slate for the 2017 season, which includes four preseason games and two exhibition games.

Here are some of the highlights from the NFL’s new schedule.

The New Orleans Saints (4-2) open the season on the road against the Arizona Cardinals (3-5).

The Saints also host the Carolina Panthers (3 1/2-3).

The Pittsburgh Steelers (3) will host the New England Patriots (2-6).

The Dallas Cowboys (3)-0 at the Indianapolis Colts (4) will be the first time the NFL has faced the Patriots in an exhibition game.

The Saints will host Pittsburgh in an opener in Week 1, followed by the Colts in Week 3.

The Cincinnati Bengals (4)-0 vs. the Detroit Lions (4.5) will see the Lions hosting the Bengals.

The Pittsburgh Panthers (4-) at the Jacksonville Jaguars (5)will be the third preseason game the Jaguars will host this season.

The Cleveland Browns (4 -0) will play the Indianapolis Titans (2.5-3) in a preseason matchup.

The Titans are coached by the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator, Paul DePodesta.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-) at New Orleans (4, 5) will mark the first preseason game between the Bucs and Saints since 2010.

The Tennessee Titans (4 ) will face the Miami Dolphins (5).

The Seattle Seahawks (5)-0 will be their first preseason contest against a division rival.

The Oakland Raiders (5-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars’ (6.5)-1 record is their highest-scoring season since 2008.

The Chicago Bears (6) will face Buffalo Bills (7) in the second preseason game of the season.

Buffalo’s head coach is Mike Pettine.

The Dallas Texans (7)-0-1 will be Dallas’ highest-pointing season since 2002.

The Houston Texans (5.5-) vs. San Diego Chargers (4.) will be a first-ever meeting between the Texans and Chargers.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are led by the NFL rookie of the year, Jarrad Davis, who will make his NFL debut at the position.

The Denver Broncos (7.5+) at Jacksonville (4), will be in their second preseason contest with a win.

The Jaguars will play at Indianapolis in Week 6.

The San Francisco 49ers (7-) at Tennessee Titans’ (8.5), will take place at the University of Tennessee.

The two teams are coached and run by the same head coach, Mike Mularkey.

The Buffalo Bills are coached to a 9-7 record, their highest mark since 2009.

The Detroit Lions are led at quarterback by Matthew Stafford, who led the team to the AFC North title last season.

The Detroit Lions will host Miami in a home opener.

The Indianapolis Colts will host Baltimore Ravens in a pre-season game in Week 2.

The Arizona Cardinals will play host to the Miami Marlins in Week 4.

The Carolina Panthers will play home games against the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Pelicans in Week 7.

The Miami Dolphins will host Oakland Raiders in Week 11.

The Green Bay Packers (7 -1) will travel to Arizona and host the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first regular-season matchup of the Packers’ four-game road schedule.

The Packers are coached in San Francisco by Jeff Tedford.

The Washington Redskins (7-2-) at Seattle Seahawks’ (7.) will begin their first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks’ offense is led by Marshawn Lynch.

The Atlanta Falcons (6-3-) will play against the New York Jets in the team’s preseason finale.

The Falcons will travel north to play at Chicago in Week 13.

The Minnesota Vikings (7).will be hosting Seattle Seahawks at the Seattle SuperSonics in a matchup of two NFC Championship Games.

The Philadelphia Eagles (7 ) will host New Orleans in the opening game of their preseason schedule.

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